Japanese Food Expo 2019 in L.A.

Hilton, Los Angeles, Universal City


約2000人が来場者したJapanese Food Expo 2019 in L.A.にて和菓子を振る舞いました。

約2000人が来場者したJapanese Food Expo 2019 in L.A.にて和菓子を振る舞いました。
リトル・トーキョーで今年から計画が開始されるMOJ(Mall Of Japan)さんの御依頼で、お菓子の提供に加えて光栄なことにMOJのブースのコーディネートも担当しました。

I served my wagashi at the Japanese Food Expo 2019 which was held in L.A. with approximately 2000 visitors.I felt very honored that MOJ (Mall of Japan) which is currently in a planning process in the Little Tokyo, had requested me to not only serve wagashi but also to coordinate their booth. More than 200 people had come to enjoy wagashi that was designed as a cherry blossom petal along with a nice cup of maccha (powdered green tea) in a Japanese-style space.
I was very pleased to see the smiles of those who had tasted it. And I got some helpful feedbacks on the questionnaire for future guidance.